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The wrong way to use a signed distance function (sdf)

Signed dis­tance func­tions (sdf) are a sta­ple of shad­er and ray­trac­ing code. This arti­cle shows a way to abuse sdfs for fun and prof­it*.

*mileage might vary

Reading an .obj file in Processing

One of the most use­ful skills in cre­ative cod­ing is read­ing all kinds of data and files. And read­ing Wave­front .obj files in Pro­cess­ing is def­i­nite­ly one of the more fun appli­ca­tions.


Generation (2019/​​2013)

Is there more to gen­er­a­tive art than wall­pa­per gen­er­a­tors?


unKeats (2016)

Excerpt from Lamia by John Keats


Fukushima Safecast visualization (2015)

Part of the raw data-visu­al­iza­­­tions made for a video art­work Siev­ert Ris­ing by Fred­erik De Wilde


Creative Coding Playground — 100 years Vooruit, Ghent (2013)

Coun­ters cod­ed for the Cre­ative Cod­ing Play­ground at the Vooruit, Ghent, a cel­e­bra­to­ry piece for its 100th birth­day.


Trinity (2010)

Com­plex­i­ty, evo­lu­tion, home­osta­sis

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