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The wrong way to use a signed distance function (sdf)

Signed distance functions (sdf) are a staple of shader and raytracing code. This article shows a way to abuse sdfs for fun and profit*.

*mileage might vary

Reading an .obj file in Processing

One of the most useful skills in creative coding is reading all kinds of data and files. And reading Wavefront .obj files in Processing is definitely one of the more fun applications.


Generation (2019/​​2013)

Is there more to generative art than wallpaper generators?


unKeats (2016)

Excerpt from Lamia by John Keats


Fukushima Safecast visualization (2015)

Part of the raw data-​​visualizations made for a video artwork Sievert Rising by Frederik De Wilde


Creative Coding Playground — 100 years Vooruit, Ghent (2013)

Counters coded for the Creative Coding Playground at the Vooruit, Ghent, a celebratory piece for its 100th birthday.


Trinity (2010)

Complexity, evolution, homeostasis

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