A new venture for me, probably a one-shot, create a digital artwork for UDG - United Digital Group for their 2015 Porsche Black Edition web special.

Working under the technical direction of good friend Frank Reitberger and with considerable help from the unmeasurable Mario Klingemann I managed to get something working with WebGL, three.js and Google Street View. Check out Mario's piece too. The third artist, Finnish realtime render daemon Simo Santavira, completes the digital artist almost-trio. He explains his process here. Cheers, guys, it was fun working with/for you.

The end result isn't as far removed from its initial inspiration, Callum's beautiful street cloud view, http://callumprentice.github.io/, as I would have liked. In retrospect, about 90% of the implementation time went to fixing and refixing issues with the car model and materials, and frustratingly, tweaking the web-part of the piece. This huge overhead - at least concerning my interest in this project - is the main reason why I consider this a one-shot. There's no reasonable way to manage a project likes this in combination with a totally unrelated full-time job. So this once, I did it the unreasonable way...

No longer available online.

Check out this article by our friends at nøcomputer to learn more about Google street point clouds. Just don't forget to mess up the clouds you get.