Fukushima Safecast visualization (2015)

Part of the raw data-visu­al­iza­tions made for a video art­work Siev­ert Ris­ing by Fred­erik De Wilde to accom­pa­ny his Lead Angels instal­la­tion. Cre­at­ed with Pro­cess­ing 2.2.1. No post-pro­cess­ing.

22.8M mea­sure­ment points col­lect­ed by the Safe­cast com­mu­ni­ty:http://​blog​.safe​cast​.org/
Topo­graph­i­cal data processed from the DEM3 data at http://​www​.viewfind​er​panora​mas​.org/​d​e​m​3​.​h​tml
Highly/​excessively detailed coast­line shape­file from http://​www​.mapcruzin​.com/

Fred­erik De Wilde talks about his art­work Siev­ert Ris­ing here.