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Does Ativan Really Cures Anxiety Disorders or Lead to Memory Loss

Ativan is among popular medications that are prescribed against a variety of disorders. It belongs to the group of strong sedatives which are widely used for dealing with anxiety, seizures and even during muscular spasm attacks. The recent investigations have proven the possible development of addiction if the medicine is taken for a long time.

Anxiety is one of the most popular disorders with which people have to face. Some people are strong enough to deal with it on their own, while others require some extra chemical stimulants. Ativan is the 48th the most popular medicament that is prescribed by psychiatrists.

The Principle of Ativan’s Action

Regardless of its positive effect it acts according to the principle of suppressing the nervous system of the owner. Yes, it definitely has an effect that is similar to cure but the dark side effects should not be ignored. The consumers of Ativan after some period of consumption state that they’ve got restlessness, increasing tension and a set of behavioral changes. The effects are usually caused by the tolerance that is developed by brain which learns how to deal with the chemical at a certain dosage.

The recent reports have shown that Ativan is really capable to damage the nervous system and cause the loss of memories – anterograde amnesia, while eliminating the symptoms of anxiety. Benzodiazepines (active substance of Ativan) can become a destructive cure for a person with a low level of anxiety. The neurons in brain usually transfer signals very fast, but under Ativan the process becomes slower. It creates a serious problem for a normal everyday life.

Due to this slow neuron motion the person faces difficulties with the creation of memories and even remembering some events from the past. The symptoms are usually short termed and quickly disappear after the consumption is stopped. However, if the dosage is increased, it can damage both short and long term memory without any possibility to restore the status of person back to normal.

The Experiment Consequences

 Young people tend to have a greater durability against Ativan due to higher elasticity of their brains cells and a greater recovery rate. The older people have got the processes slowed down and the cleansing period takes more time. They also suffer from delirium more often due to a natural predisposition.

The specific tests on the influence of Ativan on mnemonic functions were held with two groups of patients. The first group was treated by a placebo while the second one was treated by 2.5 mg Ativan. The test was based on verbal, visual and digit count examinations. It showed that Ativan influenced greatly verbal learning as people started to forget the words under the effect of the medicament. Counting, being a short term memory process was less problematic and more people coped with it.

The amnesic effects caused by the pills lasted for several hours and disrupted the idea processing functions with concept understanding. The candidates which were using a placebo as a cure didn’t show any of the amnesia symptoms at all.

The memory loss due to consumption of Ativan is possible. That is why the consumption should be strictly controlled as a usage of the medicine by a healthy person can lead to terrible consequences. The approval of the doctor is a must have for habit-forming drugs. Individual organism’s peculiarities should also be taken into consideration.